Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector Vimatec MINIMAG-1000

MPI flaw detector VIMATEC MINIMAG 1000

Magnetic particle flaw detector MINIMAG-1000 open low-cost line of flaw detectors and differs by the following features:

  • Modern, comfortable flaw detector for a reasonable price;
  • Implemented the sealing parts manual by lever, to control the small items;
  • Longitudinal magnetization is implemented, as pole from the electromagnets in the pasterns;
  • The unique design of the contact plates, which allows to avoid "burn marks";
  • The rotation of the contact plates not only for examination but also for magnetization;
  • Software managing controller allows flexible and easy to modify the control regimes for various items of control objects.

Among the main advantages of magnetic particle flaw detector MINIMAG 1000 note:

  • Easy configuration of inspection parameters, using the touchscreen.
  • The storage controller controls used for the product range, it is possible to preserve the library's control regimes.
  • Stepless adjustment of the magnetizing currents through solid state relays.
  • Display the current settings of the control currents, etc.
  • Highlighting both white and ultraviolet light.

"Vimatec" can make the design changes, in agreement with the customer, to better meet customer needs.

The flaw detector MINIMAG-1000 is a standalone unit with manual loading of parts, manual discharging and visual inspection.

The object of control, sandwiched between attendants contact with the rotating plate can be rotating by the operator.

Current of the circular magnetization, А 100-5000
Magnetic field between contact plates with 500 mm, up to, А/m 10000
Max weight of test object, kg 10
Max lenght of test object, mm 1000
Power, kW 50
Вес, кг Не более 500
Занимаемая площадь цеха, м2 4.5