• Продукция Виматек Оборудование неразрушающего контроля
  • Продукция Виматек Оборудование неразрушающего контроля
  • Продукция Виматек Оборудование неразрушающего контроля
  • Продукция Виматек Оборудование неразрушающего контроля

Vimatec and non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing - Vimatec - About company

The company Vimatec (St. Petersburg) specializes in the design and manufacture of devices and equipment for non-destructive testing and flaw detection. The range of means and methods of nondestructive testing is extremely wide: magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant inspection, ultrasonic inspection, eddy current testing, control of geometry and geometrical parameters, x-ray inspection (the company Unitest-Roentgen).

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a method of flaw detection, control properties of the object, wherein the object should not be affected, and should not lose the ability to further use. NDT , also an assessment of the reliability of the test object and test OK without its destruction (Non-destructive inspection). Non-destructive testing and destructive testing is extremely important in the manufacture of products, components and structures, on which depends the safety and health of people.

Since 2006 the company Vimatec part of the group of companies UNITEST , St. Petersburg, uniting widely known in the market of equipment for non-destructive testing and inspection company, which manufacturers and suppliers of instruments, equipment, consumables, integrated solutions and services in the field of inspection and non-destructive testing.

Possessing considerable scientific potential, talented designers and a solid manufacturing capabilities, the company is "Vimatec" provides its customers with devices for non-destructive testing and defectoscopy with unique technical characteristics at high quality and very affordable prices.

Among our developments are those that completely change your understanding of the process of conducting a magnetic particle inspection. Magnetic particle (magnetic) series instruments, MDS-7 successfully use the largest enterprises of Russia. The flaw detector is an advanced analogue and evolutionary development of the flaw UMDA-10000 and MDS-5. Compared to UMDA-10000 defectoscopy series MDS-7 differs by the following features:

  • Modern element base;
  • Automated operations control;
  • The unique design of the contact plates, which allows to avoid "burn marks";
  • Installation does not contain pneumatic components and does not require the air;
  • Longitudinal magnetization as a variable and constant field.
  • Rotating contact plates in magnetization and

Hand magnetizing devices, portable power generators and magnetic flaw detectors are also widely used in magnetic particle testing. Modern element base current generators allow to reduce significantly the mass-dimensional characteristics, in comparison with analogues - several times.

Our company has developed a line of universal demagnetizing devices NRU-350, which allows to demagnetize a broad range of products after carrying out magnetic particle testing, in which the test object is left of the so-called remanence. Removal of residual magnetization allows to get rid of the effect of adhesion of chips and magnetic microparticles to the product that may prevent further mechanical processing.

Developed by the company "Vimatec" eddy current flaw detectors series "Vestcon" can completely resolve the issue of non-destructive control in the manufacture of rings and washers bearings.

Employees "Vimatec" continuous development of new or improvement of old equipment to best meet customer needs. About 40% of all equipment delivered to the laboratories of nondestructive testing - are equipment made on spec. order, or deeply adapted to best match the desires of the customer.

The company "Vimatec" is ready to bring ready-made solutions of the entire spectrum of issues inspection and nondestructive testing (NDT) for various industries:

  • Non-destructive testing of railway transport
  • Non-destructive testing in the automotive industry
  • Non-destructive testing in the aircraft industry
  • Non-destructive testing of pipes